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At Chabad, every person is welcomed with unconditional love and respect. Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower every Jew in Elstree & Borehamwood to increase their level of Jewish knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment with warmth and vitality!

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A Word

From the Directors

” Thousands have been through the Jewish Life Centre since we opened the doors. in March 2019, and everyone is always welcomed with warmth, love and care no matter their affiliation or background! If you are looking to connect to your Jewish roots, or just to say hello, we would love you to join an upcoming event, class, club or meet-up! Hope to see you soon! ”

– Rabbi Chaim & Leah


Upcoming Events, Clubs & Classes



15jun10:00 amShabbat Services

16jun10:00 amTefillin Club

17jun7:00 pmTorah Studies

18jun10:30 amBabyccino - Summer

19jun10:30 amBabyccino - Summer

19jun6:45 pmBat Mitzvah Club

20jun6:45 pmBar Mitzvah Club

20jun8:15 pmHalachaU

21jun10:30 amBabyccino - Summer

21jun5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

22jun10:00 amShabbat Services

23jun10:00 amTefillin Club

24jun7:00 pmTorah Studies

26jun10:30 amBabyccino - Summer

26jun6:45 pmBat Mitzvah Club

27jun6:45 pmBat Mitzvah Club

27jun8:15 pmHalachaU

28jun5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

29jun10:00 amShabbat Services

30jun10:00 amTefillin Club


01jul1:00 pm1:45 pmCaffeine for the Soul

01jul7:00 pmTorah Studies

02jul10:30 amBabyccino - Summer

03jul10:30 amBabyccino - Summer

04jul8:00 pmYoung Professionals Games Night

04jul8:15 pmHalachaU

05jul5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

06jul10:00 amShabbat Services

07jul10:00 amTefillin Club

08jul7:00 pmTorah Studies

10jul10:30 amBabyccino - Summer

12jul5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

13jul10:00 amShabbat Services

14jul2:30 am3:30 amFriendship Circle - SENsory Sunday

14jul10:00 amTefillin Club

15jul7:00 pmTorah Studies

19jul5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

20jul10:00 amShabbat Services

21jul10:00 amTefillin Club

22jul7:00 pmTorah Studies

26jul5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

27jul10:00 amShabbat Services

28jul10:00 amTefillin Club

29jul7:00 pmTorah Studies


02aug5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

03aug10:00 amShabbat Services

04aug10:00 amTefillin Club

05aug1:00 pm1:45 pmCaffeine for the Soul

05aug7:00 pmTorah Studies

09aug5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

10aug10:00 amShabbat Services

11aug10:00 amTefillin Club

12aug7:00 pmTorah Studies

16aug5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

17aug10:00 amShabbat Services

18aug10:00 amTefillin Club

19aug7:00 pmTorah Studies

23aug5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

24aug10:00 amShabbat Services

25aug10:00 amTefillin Club

26aug7:00 pmTorah Studies

30aug5:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

31aug10:00 amShabbat Services

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We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or to get involved!

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