Take control

Of your physical and mental health

Be Strong in Mind, Body and Soul.

Mental Health Awareness!

Join Rabbi Shalom Hammer as he reveals what lead to the tragic end of his daughter’s life.

This presentation will address:

* Mental Health awareness in adults & teens

* Suicide awareness

* Removing stigmas

* Warning Signs 

* How to see beyond the smile

* Risk factors



Opportunity to ask Rabbi Hammar any questions

Please register so we can accommodate numbers accordingly. 

08feb6:45 amBat Mitzvah Club- Wednesday class

08feb10:30 am11:30 amBabyccino

08feb7:00 pmTorah Studies

09feb6:45 pm8:15 pmBar Mitzvah Club

10feb6:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

11feb10:00 pmShabbat Services

12feb8:40 amTanya class

12feb10:00 amTefillin Club

13feb12:45 pm1:30 pmKaballah and Kaffeine

15feb7:00 pmTorah Studies

17feb6:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

18feb10:00 pmShabbat Services

19feb8:40 amTanya class

19feb10:00 amTefillin Club

20feb12:45 pm1:30 pmKaballah and Kaffeine

22feb6:45 pm8:15 pmBat Mitzvah Club

22feb7:00 pmTorah Studies

24feb6:00 pmBat Mitzvah Club Friday Night DinnerExclusive!

24feb6:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

25feb10:00 pmShabbat Services

26feb8:40 amTanya class

26feb10:00 amTefillin Club

27feb12:45 pm1:30 pmKaballah and Kaffeine

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