A meaningful

High Holidays

Bring sweetness, meaning & warmth to your New Year!

Join us for an inspiring musical Selichot service & Farbrengen leading up to Rosh Hashanah!

No registration needed, just show up! EVERYONE is welcome to be inspired!

A Meaningful Rosh Hashanah

Everyone is welcome to join an easy-to-follow, inspiring & uplifting service which welcomes every person from all affiliations and backgrounds. Join for a prayer or all the prayers, it will be meaningful and uplifting!

There is a place for every single Jew in town at the Jewish Life Centre. Please register so we can plan accordingly.

An Uplifting Yom Kippur

An easy to follow, uplifting and meaningful service which welcomes everyone from all backgrounds and affiliations. Join on Sunday evening for Kol Nidrei, through the day on Monday, or chose a part of the service that you can be at.

The special Yizkor service will be at approx 11am, which we will recite and pray for all the names that have been submitted in the Yizkor booklet. 

There is a place for every single Jew in town at the Jewish Life Centre. Please register so we can plan accordingly.

High Holidays

For the Kids

After an EPIC Rosh Hashanah last year, Sababa will once again be open this year for the kids to be entertained. There will be games and activities!

There will be two session, first 10:30am for under 5s, and 11:30am for 6+

Included will be snacks for all kids and of course apple and honey!

Shofar will only be on Sunday

Babyccino sessions coming up!


From Your Friends

I have never felt truly uplifted on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. Being at the Jewish Life Centre made my High Holidays so meaningful and I had inspiration to get me through the difficult year. I so look forward to another service with Chabad, and I cannot wait for the inspiration once again. 

Dan N

Borehamwood Resident

My family had such a beautiful Rosh Hashanah. We join the family power hour service, and each one of us, for the kids to us parents thoroughly enjoyed it and gained so much. You can see all the detail and thought that went in to make it fun, interactive and educational, and we are so excited for another Rosh Hashanah to join again!

Family S

Elstree Residents

High Holiday Appeal

Over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur there are three elements that can inscribe us for a sweet, healthy and beautiful year ahead. 

Teshuvah – Forgiveness:

This is between you and others, anyone you may have wronged or have bad feelings towards, take the opportunity today to ask for forgiveness and bring peace and harmony between you and our fellow human beings.


Tefillah – Prayer: 

This is between you and G-d. Open your heart and soul, and connect, and speak to G-d. He is waiting to hear from you, and always ready to listen to your prayers!


Tzedakah – Charity:

This is between you and your community. Giving to others brings blessings to you. No amount is too small, the essence is to give.  It is a special time to give charity before the High Holidays. If you have not had the opportunity to give to a charity, please consider giving to the Jewish Life Centre. You can give through the link below.