A meaningful

High Holidays

Bring sweetness, meaning & warmth to your New Year!

High Holidays

Prayer, Social & Sweetness!

We warmly welcome YOU to join our High Holiday events and services.

Below you will see some classes and clubs taking place leading up to the high holidays, and will constantly be updated with more details as additions are added to accommodate everyone in the community!

If you are happy to get involved with any of the planning or volunteering over the high holidays, please be in touch with Leah 07872123532. The month of festivities is always incredibly inspiring, and the more people to get involved the more we can accommodate every single person in the community!

Be in touch if there is something you would LOVE to see at the Jewish Life Centre over the High Holidays, that is not yet being organised! We hope we can facilitate to make it happen!

Rosh Hashanah Services!


Everyone is welcome to join an easy-to-follow, inspiring & uplifting service which welcomes every person from all affiliations and backgrounds. 

Due to limited space we ask you to register for the morning services, so we can best fit the necessary registrations! 

Shofar in the Park


Cant make the service? Come and meet in the park for hearing the Shofar. Plus special treats for the kids!

Please register so we can email you the exact meet-up location. We look forward to see you there! 

NEW THIS YEAR!! The Family Experience!!

IMPORTANT! The Family Experience will be taking place in Sababa on the Borehamwood High Street! 

Bring the Rosh Hashanah Experiences ALIVE

Join us for an inspiring musical Selichot service & Farbrengen leading up to Rosh Hashanah!

No registration needed, just show up! EVERYONE is welcome to be inspired!

Yom Kippur Experience

Every Yom Kippur we republish the names in our annual Yizkor Book. This is an opportunity to fulfil the Mitzvah of remembering your departed loved ones, continuing their Jewish legacy, and giving Tzedakah in their merit. This is a meaningful way to honour the departed. Names will be listed alphabetically. Each name will represent a donation of “chai” (£18)

The book will include their full English name as you want it to appear. Please fill in the person’s full Hebrew name plus that of their father, and the name will be recited during the actual Yizkor Prayers.

May their memories be for a blessing and inspiration.

Easy to follow Yom Kippur services. 

Registration is required. 


From Your Friends

I have never felt truly uplifted on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. Being at the Jewish Life Centre made my High Holidays so meaningful and I had inspiration to get me through the difficult year. I so look forward to another service with Chabad, and I cannot wait for the inspiration once again. 

Dan N

Borehamwood Resident

My family had such a beautiful Rosh Hashanah. We join the family power hour service, and each one of us, for the kids to us parents thoroughly enjoyed it and gained so much. You can see all the detail and thought that went in to make it fun, interactive and educational, and we are so excited for another Rosh Hashanah to join again!

Family S

Elstree Residents

High Holiday Appeal

Over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur there are three elements that can inscribe us for a sweet, healthy and beautiful year ahead. 

Teshuvah – Forgiveness:

This is between you and others, anyone you may have wronged or have bad feelings towards, take the opportunity today to ask for forgiveness and bring peace and harmony between you and our fellow human beings.


Tefillah – Prayer: 

This is between you and G-d. Open your heart and soul, and connect, and speak to G-d. He is waiting to hear from you, and always ready to listen to your prayers!


Tzedakah – Charity:

This is between you and your community. Giving to others brings blessings to you. No amount is too small, the essence is to give.  It is a special time to give charity before the High Holidays. If you have not had the opportunity to give to a charity, please consider giving to the Jewish Life Centre. You can give through the link below. 

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