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Be a part of the Jewish Life Centre

The Jewish Life Centre is primarily funded and reliant on local support from the community and people like YOU. Events, programmes and classes all have suggested donations and everyone will always be welcome, no matter what they can afford.

Every donation, big or small helps to keep the Jewish Life Centre running on a daily basis, and open to the community. Be a partner in the awesome work that is being done!

What can I partner in?

Building Dedications

Building the Jewish Life Centre has taken an enormous leap of faith, with much of the funding still not in place. The total building costs arena excess of £100,000. Dedicate a room or other element of the Jewish Life Centre to honour or remember someone who inspires you.

Chai Club

Join the Chai Club; set up a monthly donation and be an ongoing part of the Jewish Life Centre! Every contribution, large and small makes a difference to the continued growth and upkeep of the Jewish Life Centre.

Programme Dedication

We are so excited to be launching many much needed programmes, clubs, and classes on a regular basis at the Jewish Life Centre. These are funded with gracious donations from the community and are deeply appreciated! Dedicate a programme, club or an event that will take place in the Jewish Life Centre to honour or remember someone who inspires you.

Build a Brick

Make a mark on the community wall! Every child’s brick will have a tile for you to personalise. Every tile will be displayed on the community wall in the Jewish Life Centre, and you can be a part of it! You are building the future & making your mark!

Event Sponsor

Through the year the Jewish Life Centre runs numerous one-off events. These typically coincide with the various Jewish holidays and attract a large number of young families and children. There is always an educational element opportunities to interact with other local brownish people and, in some cases, great opportunities for us to interact with local non-Jewish locals. Sponsoring one of these events is a one off donation and offers you opportunity to be involved in the detail of the event – if you so wish. The event will be put in the memory or merit of someone you respect and love.

Programme Sponsor

In the Jewish Life Centre we run an increasing number of ongoing programmes such as Mums & Baby mornings, educational classes, and more. In order for these programmes to maximise their potential and have maximum impact, they require careful planning, ongoing development, and a healthy amount of funding. Sponsoring a programme in full or in part is offered as a monthly donation for a set number of months. The name of your loved one will be printed on all paperwork relevant to the programme as well as announced at each programme that it is in memory or merit of so and so.


The annual budget for the Jewish Life Centre running costs is £160,000. This is just to make sure the bills are paid and the centre is open and running for the community. Any ongoing contribution is so greatly appreciated and helps bring the Jewish Life Centre to reach its full potential! 

Past Events

Model Matzah Bake

Open to the entire community, kids got to roll & bake their own Matzah and learn all about Pesach while the little ones got to play! A super fun event for everyone! 


Sold Out! 

Open House Megillah Readings

Adults, kids and babies had the chance to pop in throughout Purim to hear the Megillah. With a relaxed an kid friendly atmosphere, the kids enjoyed popcorn and a silent video while the Megillah was read in record time! 


400+ attended

Singing at Sunrise

Its been the fourth year running singing at the local nursing homes. So many smiles for the residents and the little ones! 



How your Donation makes a difference!

“From Shabbat meals, to holiday programmes and now ongoing classes at the Jewish Life Centre, I would really be lonely and not connected to my Jewish roots without Chabad. They have made me feel at home, welcomed and a part of a community and I am so grateful!”

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Shabbat Meals

Hundreds of singles, families and visitors to Elstree & Borehamwood have joined Friday Night Dinners & Shabbat lunches at Chabad with the warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. 

Holiday Programmes

Clubs & Classes


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We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or to get involved!

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