Community Support

Care & Love

Bringing kindness, smiles and love to those in need. 

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup has been warming the hearts and souls of so many people across the community over the past months of lockdown. We will still offer FREE chicken soup, for your family, your neighbour, your friends and keep warming others hearts and souls.  


Golden Visits

Golden Visits is a programme that Chabad in Elstree & Borehamwood set up focussing on the needs of the elderly members of the community whilst taking advantage of the valuable insight they have to share with the younger generation. The programme has been running for 5 years, mainly focussing on the elderly element of the community currently residing in local nursing and assisted homes. Over the years it has facilitated ongoing visits by local volunteers on weekly basis as well as classes such as Mums and Babies, teen volunteers, holiday packages, programmes plus lots more. With the opening of the Jewish Life Centre we will be expanding our offering to the elderly community living at home and will also be adding many volunteer opportunities for younger people giving them the privilege of bringing renewed joy and smiles to wise elders of our community.

Share A Shabbat

‘Share a Shabbat’ is a brand new initiative inspired and organised by a few switched-on locals in conjunction with Chabad. Natasha Kramer, has been driving the idea together with Joanna Hamilton over the past year, to organise an initiative to use Shabbat meals as a way to connect the community through developing new friends, new social circles and inspiring new discussions between the hosting families and their guests.

Care Package

Know someone who just moved in or has a baby? Welcome them by organising a care package that will be delivered directly to their home. Included will be plenty of info, hidden gems, and resources that will help offer a warm introduction to our community. Sometimes people just need to know their community is thinking about them. If you know someone who could benefit from a ‘random’ act of caring, let us know and we’ll make something happen.

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