Lag B'Omer

Celebrate with music and be PROUD to be Jewish! 

Another Lag B’Omer different to the usual celebrating with crowds with music, dancing and BBQ food. 

The delicious BBQ Take Away will be second best, grilled by Chef Johnny Mansoor!

Take Away includes: Either Hot Dog or burger (veggie options), chips, side veg, drink. 

Plus the option to add a S’Mores KIT to make your own delicious s’mores at home!

Limited quantity – reserve yours!

Unity in the Community!

Lag B’Omer is a time for unity and coming together in the most amazing way. Though it is impossible to host large crowds, join with a neighbour or friend in your garden, light a fire and sing and dance the night away!

Rabbis Round the Fire will be a spectacular sight! Join live on Thursday evening 9pm on Youtube – you won’t want to miss it!



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