Applying to a Jewish School or Nursery?

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Q. Are your programmes recognised by the Office of The Chief Rabbi? A. Yes, they are!

Q. How will my attendance be recorded? A. When you attend a learning class, children’s educational programme during the week or volunteer it will be marked off that you have attended. If you attend Shabbat or Yom Tov service, you will need to make yourself known to security. All the details will be sent to you once you have registered. 

You must register on the CRP form in order for the CRP points to count. 

Q. What happens when I’ve attended the required 6 events? A. Please print out a CRP form for EVERY SCHOOL that you are applying to and contact Rabbi Chaim to sign the form. We will check our records that you have attended. 

Q. Can the previous events that I attended count towards my attendances? A. No, unfortunately we can only recognise events attended subsequent to filling out the form on this page.

Q. Can I already sign up now if I’m applying a year in advance? A. No, you’ll have to wait until the following year, but please do feel free to get involved with our programmes in the meantime!

Q. Does the child that I’m applying for need to attend the activities? A. No. At a minimum, only one parent is required to come to the activities.

Q. I’ve still got tonnes of questions! Pease can you help me?? A. Of course! Get in touch with Rabbi Chaim and he’ll be happy to arrange a time to talk you through the whole process –