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Chanu-Kar Drive In

Times may be different, but Chanukah will not pass without the excitement! The public Menorah Lighting is always a highlight of the year, attracting hundreds and hundreds incredible people for an uplifting and special event!

This year is going to be no different!! In your COVID safe car, we will have a Chanu-Kar Drive In experience beyond your imagination! We cannot wait for this fabulous programme, that will bring an uplifting, exciting and meaningful Chanukah to you and your family!

The one major difference this year, due to COVID guidelines, EVERY CAR MUST be registered to drive in.

You won’t want to miss this fantastic Sunday event, with Chaunkah goodie kits, music, entertainment and a GIANT Menorah Lighting!

The exciting details of the event will be rolled out in the coming weeks as we countdown to Chanukah – and we cannot wait to share it with you!


The event is now SOLD OUT! 

You can sign up for a Chanukah Goodie Kit and watch the LIVE STREAM screening from your home! 

Do you need a Menorah this Chanukah

Corporate Sponsorship 

Your sponsorship will enable to Chanu-Kar drive in event to be fantastic! This event will enable so many people celebrate Chanukah in an exciting way, and give them a sense of normality in the challenging times that many face.

Hundred of individuals will be given a hot meal. Goodie boxes will enable families to continue their celebrations through the week at home, with fun activities and lots of exciting Chanukah fun!

Bringing together the community is something that has really been missing over the past months, and this event is an innovative way for the community to feel the connection in a safe and exciting environment!


Corperate Sponsors perks:

  • VIP Space at the Chanu-Kar Drive In
  • Logo displayed in print in front of the Menorah that will be up for the full week of Chanukah (11-18 Dec)
  • Logo on the large screens at the sold out Chanukah event
  • Business announced at the chanukah event
  • Logo printed on flyers in the Goodie Kits given to every car

The print size and number of times your business is displayed, will depend on the sponsorship level.


This an incredible opportunity to advertise your business to thousands across Elstree & Borehamwood!









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