About Us

The Friendship Circle of Elstree & Borehamwood is part of the International Friendship Circle Programme. It was founded on the idea that each child, regardless of his or her challenges, deserves a circle of friends! Through the Friendship Circle, we aim to create a more inclusive community for children with special needs, one that sees the similarities rather than the differences in each and every one of us….

…we are here to build friendships!


Upcoming SENsory Sunday Circles

We are so excited to meet you!


SENsory Sunday

At the heart of the SENsory Sunday Circle Programme, which will take place monthly at the Jewish Life Centre, children with additional needs will be paired with a specially trained teenage buddy, who will engage with kindness and friendship. These friendships will benefit not only children in strengthening their identity, self esteem and sense of belonging within the community, but also teenagers involved will gain leadership skills and learn to see the similarities in those that are different to them, teaching them compassion and empathy. Sunday Circle will include sensory activities, interactive play, lots of music and fun all around!

Check out the upcoming dates of Sunday Circle, and register to join – we would love to see you there!



Friends@Home gives children with additional needs a chance to bond with a teen buddy at the comfort of their own home.

Together they will engage in a multitude of fun activities including baking, playing, creating arts n’ crafts, reading books and more. A weekly playdate that’s all fun on your child’s schedule!

Register your child, and we will be in touch in September when the teen volunteers have been trained and ready to start having a weekly playdate with your child! 


Teen Volunteering Opportunites

Being a volunteer at the Friendship Circle is the most amazing and rewarding opportunity for girls and boys in Year 9 and older!

Every volunteer must attend at leats one training session which will take place bi-annually to learn and develop skills and resources on becoming a friend to a child with additional needs.

Jo Gordon, a highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist with expertise dealing with children with special needs will lead the training.

Each teen volunteer will be able to chose to commit to volunteering weekly for the Friends@Home programme, or monthly with the Sunday Circle programme. You will be a child’s special friend, to do fun activities together, play games and bring lots of smiles and laughter!



The Vision


Creating an inclusive community where everyone is seen as equal and feels valued.


Having a sense of purpose and giving of your time in a meaningful way each week.


Creating meaningful friendships in a nurturing and fun environment.

For any questions for the Friendship Circle please contact Lauren who will direct you accordingly –  friendshipcircle@jewishlifecentre.org