march, 2023

22feb10:30 am22mar11:30 amBabyccino - Holidays

01mar10:30 am11:30 amBabyccino - Holidays

01mar7:00 pmTorah Studies

03mar6:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

04mar10:00 pmShabbat Services

05mar8:40 amTanya class

05mar10:00 amTefillin Club

06mar6:30 pmMegillah ReadingMegillah Reading

06mar8:30 pmMegillah ReadingMegillah Reading

07mar8:00 amMegillah ReadingMegillah Reading

07mar10:00 amMegillah ReadingMegillah Reading

07mar12:00 pmMegillah ReadingMegillah Reading

07mar4:30 pmPurim on the Red CarpetEntertainment, food and lots more!

08mar7:00 pmTorah Studies

10mar6:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

11mar10:00 pmShabbat Services

12mar8:40 amTanya class

12mar10:00 amTefillin Club

15mar6:45 amBat Mitzvah Club- Wednesday class

15mar10:30 am11:30 amBabyccino - Holidays

15mar7:00 pmTorah Studies

17mar5:40 pmBat Mitzvah Club Friday Night DinnerExclusive!

17mar6:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

18mar10:00 pmShabbat Services

19mar8:40 amTanya class

19mar10:00 amTefillin Club

22mar10:30 am11:30 amBabyccino - Holidays

22mar6:45 pm8:15 pmBat Mitzvah Club

22mar7:00 pmTorah Studies

23mar6:45 pm8:15 pmBar Mitzvah Club

24mar6:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

25mar10:00 pmShabbat Services

26mar8:40 amTanya class

26mar10:00 amTefillin Club

26mar1:15 pmKids in the Kitch- Pesach

28mar7:45 pmLuna Ladies - Resin Art

29mar7:00 pmTorah Studies

31mar6:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat

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