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The Jewish Life Centre

Chabad of Elstree & Borehamwood is finally ready to open a new home for the community. A place where everyone can feel and experience the warmth and vitality in Jewish life that Elstree and Borehamwood have to offer.


The ProgressAbout the Jewish Life Centre
What’s the plan?

Join the Journey

What is the Jewish Life Centre?

A place where everyone can feel and experience the warmth and vitality in Jewish life that Elstree and Borehamwood have to offer. A pace for us. Our children. Our teen. Our parents. Our families. Our communities. 

Can I get Involved?

Yes! There will many opportunities for everyone to get involved in different aspects of planning, building, developing and running the Jewish Life Centre and we look forward to you being a part of it!

New Programmes coming up!


Interactive kids class for parents and kids 0-5yrs

Bat Mitzvah Club

The exciting journey of becoming Bat Mitzvah for girls in Yr 7

Kids Kosher Culinary

Do you have a little chef in the making? The Kosher Culinary class for Kids will be just the place to learn, explore and experiment with foods, baking and cooking!

Adult Education

With back to basic classes as well as text shuirim, there is something for everyone!

And more for youth, teens, socials, events, and every age and stage!

What’s the purpose?

The Vision


Everyone, no matter the background or affiliation can connect with authentic Judaism



Have the opportunity to engage with Judaism with warmth, love and postive atmosphere!


Every person has their unique mission, each person can have opportunities to connect with and fulfil thier unique mission.


When we learn, we can grow. Leanting with Chasidus – an approach that is accesible and completely non judgemental whilst uplifting and spiritually enlightning to our lives.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

At Chabad, every person is welcomed with unconditional love and respect. Our mission is to educate, inspire and help every Jew increase their level of Jewish knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment.

Partner With Chabad

The ground work has been laid, and the ideas are being put into place! We need YOU to join us in partnership and make this vision a reality!

Be part by dedicating a room or a part of the Jewish Life Centre or being part of the Chai Club…

Upcoming Events

July - L'Chaim & Launch!

8pm See the Jewish Life Centre for yourself! Find out what is happening and how you can get involved. Tickets available on request.

Oct - *New* Bat Mitzvah Club

Bat Mitzvah Club – The first of the 8 sessions start in October for Yr 7 girls. Book your spot