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Join us in making a difference. By ordering these specially designed wristbands you will not just be wearing a symbol; it’s also a tangible way to let our Jewish and Israeli brothers and sisters know they are not alone in their pain and fear. 




Profits towards hostages & their families

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Share our mission passionately. Speak to your friends, your family, your community. Let them know that their voices matter.  

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When you purchase one of these wristbands, you are not only acquiring a meaningful token of support, but you are also contributing to our cause. ALL PROFITS from wristband sales are dedicated to raising awareness in the UK and aiding the hostages and their families


ALL PROFITS will be contributing to campaigning efforts for freeing the hostages, supporting their families, but also becoming a visible symbol of hope and unity.  

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Every single man, women and child that supports Israel, is wearing one of the three bracelets, to show solidarity and raise money for the hostages in Gaza and their families. 

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Order bracelets to distribute to your school, nursery, community, shul, friends. Suggested Donation is £2 per bracelet, or £85 if bullk ordering 50+

Hostages Kidnapped by Hamas

On 7th October 2023, Hamas unleashed a brutal and unprecedented attack on Israel. In a horrifying onslaught, more than 3,000 rockets rained down on Israeli cities, leaving devastation in their wake. Simultaneously, over 3,000 terrorists invaded Israel, committing heinous acts that shook the core of humanity. Tragically, this savage assault led to the loss of over 1,400 innocent civilians, the burning down of homes, and the abduction of more than 239 hostages into Gaza. 

Among the hostages were babies as young as 9 months old, over 30 children, Holocaust survivors, and elderly people. The attackers showed no mercy, kidnapping the most vulnerable members of society, leaving families shattered and communities in profound grief. This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgency for global solidarity and unwavering support for the victims and their families. 

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