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Talk & Link with Caregivers

A place to be able to talk openly with people that are caring for a loved one with a complex illness, wether it is physical or emotional. You have a huge responsibility on your shoulders whether its to caring for your unwell family member, supporting financially your loved ones or raising a family with children that need your support. Your love, commitment and the ability to still smile is amazing. The fact you managed to free an evening, to take a breath and be in a company where you know others truly know what your are going through and offer a listening ear and support is an amazing step in the right direction.

If you know anyone that can benefit joining these informal support sessions, please invite them to join our next meeting, Wednesday 17th July, 8pm.

If you can offer support as a guest speaker on one of our sessions let me know. Supporting this group of people is not only going to help them but also help their loved ones and children who need them to stay strong – Nivi

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